Good Times at the Triangle Nonprofit Meetup

by Ellie Johnson on January 14, 2010

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Tuesday night I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Turnbull of the Turnbull Marketing Group as she hosted this informational Meetup for nonprofits in the Triangle. January’s topic was on BRANDING – a concept famously overlooked or misunderstood by many nonprofits.   Elizabeth did a fantastic job of first defining “branding” and then building out a general road map for nonprofit marketers to consider as they work to build their brand.  It was an intimate group of marketers, upstarts, grant writers (contact Renee Shulman – renee.shulman at gmail dot com if your nonprofit needs a qualified grant writer), passionate students like Allison from UNC (who brought handmade business cards – just a Bic and an index card is all you need to launch a more personal brand – LOVED IT!), community builders like Phil from (I will not type in 1819!) and nationally recognized nonprofits like Special Olympics North Carolina.  Olivia from SONC (our client) joined me and along with meeting some interesting people who may be able to provide their valuable services to SONC’s fundraising initiatives, we took away some good tips on PR tools, printed collateral considerations and other learn from others examples.

I was really glad that I went and very pleased to add some new faces to my professional network.  I highly recommend this group!

As an unrelated side note, I am deeply saddened (as I am sure we all are as global citizens) by the devastating earthquake suffered by the Haitians.  Because of what I learned from Elizabeth, I am trying to find a nonprofit that is working to send aid to the victims there but who’s organization puts a greater percentage of the donations towards the work they do, rather than towards their own salaries (like the Red Cross).  I am interested to learn your thoughts on this, dear reader.  Elizabeth opened my eyes to the fact that I should consider this as a factor when I consider benefactors of my donations – she mentioned a number of sites that grade nonprofits on such financial matters.

But what do you think?  Is the power of the Red Cross to act swiftly and on a global scale of greater benefit to Haiti now, despite their low grade – or does real impact happen from smaller nonprofits who put my donation to work for Haitians, rather than their own salaries?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! And please make suggestions for where to donate to relief funds.  Here’s Google’s Crisis Page with some easy ways to donate.

I like this one: Text YELE to 501501 and donate $5 to the relief fund now.

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Morgan Siem January 14, 2010 at 2:26 pm

I love hearing about students (especially UNC) who take initiative to get their name out there. If your resources are a bic pen and index card, then more power to you for harnessing those tools for your personal brand.

Also, I’m glad you mentioned the important considerations to make when donating money. I’m proud of the grand response from the social media universe to the needs of the people of Haiti.


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