How Your Video Can Go Viral Without a Super Bowl Ad

by Phil Buckley on November 17, 2010

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At this time of day, everyone is already looking forward to the big reception party, but this panel has a fantastic subject to cover, online video and how to make the most of it.

The guys covering online video are Arik Abel is the Director of Content Strategy, Emerging Media Research Council & Strategic Advisor at, Kurt Merriweather Director of Business Development for the Discovery Channel will be covering cross-patform video and Jeff Parsons who is Director of Video Operations for Associated Press will talk on the 5 danger zones of video.

One of the advantages to sitting in the front row is I get to listen in to the speaker chatter. It’s nice to hear Kurt say that he attended last year and was really impressed with the great content!

First up is Kurt Merriweather…

Cross-Platform Video: Perils and Potential

Quick poll of how many of us use an iPad and how many have uploaded a YouTube video. – Lots!

The consumer is really in control of everything nowadays. 75% of web users watch video online. How people are consuming video has changed, and will never go back to the old days.

Multitasking is now commonplace. Do you tweet while watching television? So does an ever increasing number of your neighbors.

People are also watching more tv than ever before. But at Discovery they are also watching other consumption patterns.

Stats show that roughly 3/4 of people find out about new TV shows via television advertising.

So what are the perils, and what are the promises?

Peril: Because audience is fragmented, they are harder to reach.

Promise: You now have access to an “always-on” fan.

Peril: Difficult to get and keep attention

Promise: You can get deeper insights from cross-platform usage

Peril: Hard to make money in emerging platforms

Promise: Hyper-targeting to deliver value to advertisers (think in-market reach)

Bummer: Mythbusters video fail. Too bad there wasnt a techie somewhere ;-)

Mythbusters is a cross-platform success story. Lots of fans online. Lots of social aspects of it. Kurt mentions GetGlue and Social TV as a nice way to reach a new yet connected audience.

3 Keys to winning with online video

1. Compelling programming

  • Talent and storyline
  • Immersive, high quality video
  • Exclusive content packaging

2. Comprehensive product

  • Easy to use video navigation
  • Seamless playback
  • Usage of features to the platform

3. Coordinated promotion

  • Syndication partners
  • Internal marketing assets
  • Social media

The battle for the family room television is just beginning! xfinity, xbox, iPad, nextflix, Google TV, hulu plus, Apple TV – what will be next.

Next up is the late arriving Arik Abel…

Crowdsourcing online video

Says he’ll keep it light since it’s now officially happy-hour!

He’s going to talk over a couple of his wins and best practices. Starts off with the TMZ and JEvans: A Love Story. The video turned out to be a big winner but was actually a little too hot for television.

So how do you go viral? Two types of viral outbreaks – one to many, and many to many.

Arik is smart enough to bring his videos on a thumb drive, so he can actually show his.


TMZ spent about $52,000 and got 125 original content videos. Universal spent about $35,000 and received 110 original videos.

Best Practices

Try to keep your video requests open-ended and personal. Let your users help define what your brand means to them.

Engage with the people who are going out on a limb to send you their hard work. Like every other aspect of social media campaigns, love the people who love you.

Embrace the changing paradigm. If the CEO doesn’t buy in, it won’t happen.

Last up before the eating and drinking is Jeff Parson talking about video danger zones – sounds scary!

5 Danger Zones of Online Video

Jeff says that as fast as online video is changing, the big publishers of video are moving at a glacial pace. When he talks to companies about online video he says he’s talking about the same things he was talking about 5 years ago.

Revenue Center reality check: he still warns companies that video is rarely a revenue generator. Publishers are still living in a revenue 1.0 world – pre-roll, post-roll and an accompanying ad – zzzzzzzzzzz. This is still the biggest FAIL he sees.

Mixed messages: Meaning that you go to a site with a clear intent, but when you land there, there is so much going on that you get lost.

More, more, more: More doesn’t actually mean better. He talks about a client that produced over 20,000 videos, yet 10% drove 90% of the traffic.

Everyone has it: Syndicated content. Interesting that someone from AP is talking about this. Pretending that syndicated content is great is a big FAIL.

We know what they want: Without ever asking them. Boy this sounds very familiar from a previous life…

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