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by Michael Hubbard on September 12, 2008

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So although I normally stick solely to speaking about interactive, I wanted to briefly comment on something I noticed this week while at my daughters new school… It was kind of on the forefront as I frequently read articles about ad agencies who are having a hard time finding quality interactive talent.

First and foremost, of course my daughter is the smartest, prettiest girl in the entire world – but it seems that she also has her Dad’s inability to sit still. In her first week of kindergarten, I’ve already been called in for a meeting with the teacher. Once that meeting finished though, I turned into “that parent” that no teacher wants… I started asking questions about curriculum, and specifically about computers. I was told at the beginning of the year that computer lab would be every other week, yet I didn’t see it on my daughters class schedule. Of course, I was told that there was one computer in the classroom that they’d get to use from time to time – but that they didn’t actually do computer lab.

Knowing full well that I was called to this meeting because of other issues, I didn’t push my luck – but it got me to thinking… Why do we teach Spanish once a week, but not computers. Or why do we teach writing for 50 minutes a day, but not how to use a keyboard. I mean seriously, I think the only writing I do on a daily basis is signing my name to things… The rest is all typed out on a computer. I’m also ok with teaching a foreign language – but how about teaching Mandarin instead of Spanish? Mandarin is spoken by an estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide, followed then by English, Hindi, and then, oh yeah – Spanish. Maybe because we’re in the South, Spanish is a popular choice due to our proximity to Mexico, but I don’t recall Minneapolis schools teaching Canadian instead of computers… The point being, even though the kids are young, I think it needs to be a mandate that the teachers and the education system start getting these kids up to date on the technology around them. The fundamentals are great, but imagine if we taught the fundamentals to them while using a computer. 20 years from now we’re going to need these talented kids if the industry is going to continue to progress!

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