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by Kenya Ford on April 1, 2011

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“Jack Frost” scarf – made of cotton that will display snowflakes if the temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit or below. The lower the temperature the larger the snowflakes will appear.

Innovation derives from the Latin word “innovare” which means “to renew or change.”  This word innovation is a constant theme in many industries especially in the technology and design world, especially fashion design.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion from the history, current trends and what is the future of fashion.  Since we are in the digital era, technology and the usage of technology has become part of our everyday lives.  So much so that every industry is finding ways to incorporate technology to enhance or innovate.

One designer’s name circulating in both the fashion and technology industry is Diana Eng.  She has worked with companies such as Yahoo, Sony Ericsson and Victoria’s Secret on several projects.  Eng is one of the pioneers leading the merger of fashion and technology.

A cocktail dress lights up when triggered by sound

Eng is referred to as many things in the fashion and technology industry…

  • a Fashion Engineer Designer
  • a Futuristic Fashion Designer
  • a Fashion Innovator
  • Or a  Fashion Geek

But whatever Eng may be known as, she is a dreamer who makes reality happen!

Check out Eng “Fairytale Fashion Show”

“Fairytale Fashion is a fashion line that makes fairy tales real,” said Diana Eng.

For more information about Diana Eng visit her website .

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