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by Morgan Siem on January 17, 2010

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Vote: 1 Charity Will Win $1 Million

Vote: 1 Charity Will Win $1 Million

Chase Community Giving is offering Facebook users the opportunity to vote for which charity will be awarded BIG MONEY from Chase. There’s no reason not to do it, because you don’t even need to donate any money, just click.

Voting is open right now, so go to the Vote Here! tab on the Chase Community Giving Facebook Page, and decide which charity you’d like to see win the $1 million.

This is yet another example of a company making a great impact through social media networks by creating a Facebook app that appeals to their audience and by doing social good. Mixing social media with social good is a recipe for success. In return for the generous contribution to charity, Chase is being rewarded with:

  • powerful positive sentiment
  • extensive reach throughout the online community as users share with their followers, who share with theirs and so on…

If I may make a plug for a charity that is very near and dear to my heart, it’s Camp Kesem. You can find Camp Kesem here to vote for them. Camp Kesem is a free one-week sleep-away camp for children with a parent who has or has had cancer. There are several camps around the country, all run by college student volunteers. For four years I was a counselor at Camp Kesem North Carolina.

Chase Community Giving is also donating to an Emergency Relief Fund for Haiti.


After publishing this post, a friend of mine (@seriallibrarian) sent me a tweet linking to news that there may have been some unfair play in regard to the voting process. A New York Times article lists three organizations that believe they were disqualified not due to a lack of votes, but due to the nature of their causes. They are asking Chase to reveal the vote counts. If anyone has any further details, feel free to add them in the comments below.

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