Everybody’s Doing It, Why Aren’t You?

by Media Two on July 3, 2008

in Media Two

I have been thinking recently about Media Two Interactive, our current clients and future clients. This reflection involved me asking “What Advertiser Would I Want to Work With”, as well as, “Who Do I Think Media Two Can Help” take their business to the next level. It is somewhat the same question, but there is a difference. I was able to put together a solid Top 10 list of companies that I would love to help grow their business online. This list read like the “Hobbies and Interest” section of some online dating site (Interests – Golf, Fitness and Wellness, Technology, Long Walks O… ok, not that). So, if anyone from ClubCorp happens to stumble across this blog, call me! We could do great things in the online space, as two of my passions come together, Online Marketing and Golf.

As for the second question, Who Can Media Two Help? That’s simple, any advertiser who is not spending the industry average of 10% of their marketing budget on the Internet. The trends speak for themselves (Online Ad Spending Should Grow 20% in 2008). Online ad spending has already surpassed Radio in the overall marketing mix (Internet to Surpass Radio in 2008), and will soon leap Magazine advertising. The time is now to get onboard.

Maybe you handle your online marketing in-house or maybe your longtime agency handles your “one-off” online initiatives. That’s fine, but if you marketing mix doesn’t include a 10 – 20% budget allocation to online marketing, then you’re a candidate for expanded efforts. With one of our most successful clients, Media Two grew their online budget from less than 1% in 2006 to 49% in Q3 2008. I think that’s worth repeating. 49% of the total marketing budget went to online in Q3. So, jump on in, the water feels great!

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