by Michael Hubbard on May 28, 2009

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As I “re-imagine” interactive advertising design as part of IAB’s new task force to update their new standard ad guidelines, I ask myself, “Does Size REALLY matter?”. The answer is less than you might think.

I have a feeling that more people will jump to the conclusion that increasing ad sizes will magically reverse the trend of declining online metrics. Not so fast my friends. The answer is in positioning, not size. Think about it. Where do you see most large rectangle units? Homepages and within content/stories. Now, where are the smaller units? They are on the peripherals within the navigations – where no one is looking. It’s not about the ad size of a takeover ad. It’s about the take over itself. Same thing with a Welcome Ad. To this point, there has been chatter of getting rid of the leaderboard unit based on performance. The size isn’t obsolete, the position is. Hey, I’ve been on the publisher side, so I undertand the need for buttons, leaderboards, skys. But if we want to really improve the performance of the online channel, then we’ll put our thinking caps on and come up with better positioning and user experiences.

Quick quiz: Without looking, which one of these is in the header of this blog? A. Clouds, B. Trees, C. Birds. Don’t know? Thought so, but I bet you saw the ad for the Entertainment Book.

(Media Buying Tip: Ad networks or any buy that involves remnant inventory will charge the same rate for a bundle of ad sizes (468s, 160s, 728s and 300s) compared to portals or contents site, which put a higher value on the bigger sizes – as well as they should. So take advantage of this and opt to run only the bigger sizes, or the 300s only. You’ll end up with better metrics and more importantly, better positioning as well.)

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