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Google Testing New Results Layouts

Here’s another example of Google playing around with it’s SERPs.  In this particular example, I did a search on South Carolina Colleges, and you’ll see across the top – it is now showing me pictures from the most popular searched on schools in South Carolina.  When you click on one of the images, it acts [...]

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TV is for Creative and Branding, Web is for cheap DR…

That disturbance you just felt in the force is compliments of @JackMarshall baiting me… As I sat watching my kids ice skating lessons, my twitter feed started to light up. What began as a friendly question of “why would someone save a TV ad to Youtube, but nobody is interested in the AdKeeper technology” quickly spun off into a tangent on whether the Web could be viewed as a Branding vehicle or not.

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Search & Mobile Marketing | Internet Summit 2011

Now up – Phil Buckley speaking about where social meets mobile meets search. Off to a good start with a joke that had everyone chuckling. Remember back in the “old days” when AOL was ‘the internet.’ Now 65% of American adults who use the internet say they use social networking sites. 85% of ppl on [...]

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The Effect of Google Adwords on Your SEO efforts

If Google analytics looks at Search as a whole and identifies people that come to your site from a specific search engine (ie, then why we do we believe so whole-heartedly that Google would penalize you for having paid search traffic on your site? Maybe penalize is too strong of a word – but how about discount? Is it so hard to believe that a person who comes from the left side of the page versus the right side of the page is any less of a person coming from a search engine? They both searched. They both arrived.

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Broad Match Modifier: Save Time, Boost Performance

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The Low Down Broad match modifier (BMM) is a variation of the broad match type in Google Adwords.  It can be utilized by adding + signs in front of keywords.  This match type is more specific than broad match, but not as restrictive as phrase match.  The + signs indicate that each term must be [...]

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Hospital mobile websites necessity or nonessential?

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With so many businesses and organizations going mobile, should hospitals? Around 42% of Americans own a smart phone. A study performed by Pew Trust, said that 59 percent of U.S. adults access the Internet wirelessly using a laptop or a mobile device. This study also stated that 61 percent of those accessing the Internet wirelessly are [...]

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Facebook and Bing do social search

Last month, Bing rolled out its new social search feature in which it teamed up with Facebook to provide social context for your searches. Their main message is that you don’t make decisions without your friends on anything else, why should you have to when you’re searching for products or sites on the Web? It’s [...]

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Google’s Panda Update at Raleigh’s SEO meetup

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Although Google’s Panda update has been out for quite some time now, the Raleigh SEO Meetup last week discussing Google’s Panda update was excellent. Unfortunately it was the last meetup for the group’s founder, Ashley Berman, and we all wish her the best of luck as she leaves the area. Here are some of the [...]

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Are you using Google +1?

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Google +1, Google’s answer to the Facebook “Like” button, is now live for all. So what is it, and how will it affect search and marketing? I asked our resident search guy, Nick DiPietro, for his thoughts on the new feature. How does Google +1 work? When you are signed into a Google account and [...]

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How To: Drive Search Traffic to your Social Media Pages

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Wanted to draw some attention to a recent Emarketer article that made some great points about Optimizing Social Media Pages for Search. I also wanted to add a few points that you might find helpful.

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Using Ad Scheduling in Google Adwords

Why should you care about ad scheduling?  Because you can reduce your Cost Per Lead (CPL), improve your conversions rates AND make the client happy.  I imagine that most search marketers are aware that both Bing and Google allow you to control when during the day your ads appear and on which days.  However, I’m [...]

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Gregory Ng Talks Video SEO at Raleigh SEO Meetup

If you weren’t at the Raleigh SEO Meetup last night, you missed a lot of great stuff. If you’ve ever seen Greg Ng speak, you know he offers an incredible amount of super awesome information. Too much for this blog post, so I’ll just hit the highlights of optimizing your video. Don’t worry, you’ll still [...]

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Google Adwords Change to Managed Placements default bid

Beginning March 15th, Google will simplify the current bidding process on its content network.  Below is the statement just received from our Account Reps: Starting on March 15, 2011, we’ll be removing the managed placements default bid in your account. We’re taking several steps to make sure that this will have no impact on your [...]

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