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This Internship is better than a Hot Fudge Sundae

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For the past seven months I have been a Social Media Intern here at Media Two Interactive.  Today my internship is coming to a close as I get ready to head back to school and start senior year. I wanted to share a few things that I have learned: I learned how to utilize monitoring [...]

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Media Two-talage: A day in the life as a new hire at Media Two

I joined Media Two Interactive as a new Account Coordinator on April 4th, 2011, and from the time I walked through the doors, I knew this agency had something to really differentiate itself. Based on the advertising agencies at which I interviewed, Media Two was the only one that offers the expertise of a full-service [...]

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How the World of Advertising is Like a Circus

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I just finished reading the best-selling book, Water for Elephants.  It got me thinking about how much the advertising industry has in common with a circus.  Here are my top reasons: Both are highly creative industries that require true passion from their employees. Sometimes we literally live at work, just like the circus ensemble. Beautifully [...]

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Mirren Conference : Ad Agencies need a hug!

At 3:30am when my alarm went off, I was looking for inspiration.  I was on a 6am flight to the Big Apple to attend the Mirren New Business Conference.  It is my first time attending – and my hopes are to be inspired by what the other 399 agency people have to say.  What motivates [...]

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We Did It!!

As many of our friends, family and total strangers know, Media Two participated in St. Baldrick’s yesterday. Five men, two women, and two honorary Media Two members went under the razor yesterday afternoon to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research through this organization. We’re happy to report that we’ve raised approximately $21,000 for [...]

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St. Baldrick’s is Almost Here!

Here’s a mini photo gallery for everyone before the big head shaving day! In case you don’t know, Media Two is participating in St. Baldrick’s – an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. We have 10 employees on our team, and we’ll be shaving our heads in 2 DAYS! If you’d like to [...]

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Fashion for the Future

Innovation derives from the Latin word “innovare” which means “to renew or change.”  This word innovation is a constant theme in many industries especially in the technology and design world, especially fashion design.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion from the history, current trends and what is the future of fashion.  Since we are in the digital [...]

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Inspiration comes in “waves” for me and for about 5 years I was constantly moving from one amazing wave to the next.

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The Media Two Neighborhood

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Media Two Interactive is in one of Raleigh’s coolest neighborhoods. Take a tour.

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What if your customers turned the tables on you?

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When you put customer service plans in place, do you ever think how you would like to abide by them?

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Pink Buckets | Big Win or Big Fail

I’m a lover of advertising (that is done well) and a marketer who envies the creative types who get to camp out in a board room drinking kegs of caffeine or cram into cubes together all night long sniffing Sharpies and mood boarding with post it notes until they come up with a concept – [...]

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Ads or Litter?

Careful when you walk outside this week – no, not because of the yellow pollen coating everything – because the Yellow Pages have been delivered to your door. Why does this still happen today?  What’s the sales proposition, “Nope, we don’t have any stats on who uses these books or who will see your ad, [...]

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Taking Time for a Good Cause

The men of Media Two will be shaving their heads at the NC State Brickyard on April 14th to support St. Baldrick’s, a foundation that raises money for research grants for childhood cancer. Join us, support the cause, spread the word!

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