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TV is for Creative and Branding, Web is for cheap DR…

That disturbance you just felt in the force is compliments of @JackMarshall baiting me… As I sat watching my kids ice skating lessons, my twitter feed started to light up. What began as a friendly question of “why would someone save a TV ad to Youtube, but nobody is interested in the AdKeeper technology” quickly spun off into a tangent on whether the Web could be viewed as a Branding vehicle or not.

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Media Two Hires Kenneth Nicholson – A Stand Out

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So, I was forever dragging my feet on the idea that we bring in a design intern until I got an email from Kenneth Ashley Nicholson. I quickly changed my mind. He emailed us with the offer of being our errand boy, but with his SEO and PHP skill set, we thought he would make [...]

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Media Two Interactive Selected as Creative Agency of Record for e-Healthcare Solutions

Media Two Interactive is excited to announce its selection as Creative Agency of Record for Ewing, NJ-based e-Healthcare Solutions Premium Advertising Network, providers of digital advertising sales representation for the most trusted names in Healthcare. Services to be provided include some re-branding initiatives as well as a website redesign. The decision comes following an RFP [...]

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Media Two’s Les James on Function Pink Meetup [VIDEO]

Design guy, Les James, is heading up a meetup in Raleigh for front end developers called Function Pink – more commonly referred to as pink(). In the following video interview, Les explains what pink() is, why he wanted to create it, and who should attend. The group usually meets on the last Wednesday of the [...]

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Triangle Developers Converge on Downtown Raleigh for pink()

Raleigh, North Carolina (May 26, 2010) Media Two Interactive, an advertising agency specializing in strategic digital media, design and development hosted its first hands-on meet-up called pink(), a monthly educational series for Triangle area front end developers and web designers. As the IAB released yet another record breaking quarter in the digital media space, pink() began strengthening the local web development community to ensure they are at the forefront of that growth.

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Fashion for the Future

Innovation derives from the Latin word “innovare” which means “to renew or change.”  This word innovation is a constant theme in many industries especially in the technology and design world, especially fashion design.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion from the history, current trends and what is the future of fashion.  Since we are in the digital [...]

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When you design a user experience for you

Do you remember Microsoft’s Zune? One of the features was that you could share the music on your Zune with people around you. The only problem is that no one around you owns a Zune so the feature was worthless. I bet the idea was cool in the Microsoft offices though and since they thought it was cool then [...]

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Inspiration comes in “waves” for me and for about 5 years I was constantly moving from one amazing wave to the next.

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Outside My Little World

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Looking at the world beyond the edge of your desk can cause you to think differently… and that’s a good thing.

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Pursuing the How Instead of the Why


Why design schools focusing on tools instead of theory create a huge disadvantage for new graduates.

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My Friend the Artist

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A great company has at least one linchpin. At Media Two, Les James is one.

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Usability & Customer Experience

Internet Summit 2010

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, USABILITY! Patrick Bultema the CEO from CodeBaby, Kelly Johnson the founder of Converta Design and David Minton from DesignHammer are setting up. David’s wearing a black fedora of some sort, but I’ll overlook that. Let’s get started! Oh wait, first a quick advertisement from Brian Hutchinson for AlertSite, [...]

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What is your mobile strategy?

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A recap and opinion piece on the state of mobile browsing today and how you should form a strategy so that users on the go can access your content.

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