Can social media build brands?

by Morgan Siem on November 17, 2010

in Social Media

Internet Summit 2010 – Integrated Social Media Marketing presentation.

A short, sweet and, I’d say – excellent – presentation by Michael Kogon, CEO, Definition 6 addressed the question, can social media build brands?

Defining branding…

In the words of Michael, a brand is what is in the mind of your consumer when you’re not in front of them. Your brand is almost a set of memories and promises. But not all memories are good and broken promises are the ones you’ll never forget, right? So, if the promotion of your brand is a promise of service delivery, then that is the promise that the brand must live with and be held accountable to. This is where social media can impact your brand.

Integrating social media into branding…

Branding really is in the mind of your consumer and nowhere else. So, when you think about utilizing social media to build a brand, try to realize that emotion always wins. As consumers, we get irrational when we get connected to what we want. If you’ve got young children, you’ll realize that there is very small margin between want and need. Because of this, you absolutely must integrate customer service into your social media plan. Listen more if you really want to positively impact your brand using social media.

The 4 e’s…

So, we’ve heard of the 4 P’s of marketing, but what about the 4 e’s? Emotions, engagement, exclusivity & experiences. Become friends with these four terms.

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