Calling All Phones

by Sheila Connor on January 11, 2010

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With all the hype last week over Google’s new Nexus One phone release I have to wonder who did the research on what the customer wants. Sure Apple was brilliant in coming out with the iPhone and sales have gone through the roof. No doubt Google will also see some major dollars pouring in from this latest entree into the telecommunications market. But who is dealing with the frustration consumers are facing by being forced to use phone companies that just can’t cut it? AT&T went so far as to temporarily halt the sale of their iPhones in New York, only to tuck their tail behind their legs after the massive public backlash they encountered. Google has brokered a deal with T-Mobile, but claims to have heard the complaints uttered by the public and thus is offering to sell the phones unlocked, letting customers choose their own provider. And at the mere cost of only $529. Either that or switch to T-Mobile and pay a cancellation fee of up to $300 to your current provider! Thanks Google! I think I’ll stick to my BlackBerry.

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