Building a Social Media Strategy

by Michael Hubbard on March 11, 2009

in Social Media

The terms “social media” have seemingly overtaken “emerging media” for the new catch-all that ad agencies are pitching to their clients. The reality is, social is part of emerging, but I tend to think that when people don’t fully understand something such as Twitter they want to lump it into a general category so they can speak to a broader topic and not get questioned on specifics. With that being said, I’d like to take you into a hypothetical social strategy, but first, I want to identify for you the 5 elements Media Two categorizes are mandatory for your strategy to be successful:

1. Identify Personality. Although Media Two will do all of the heavy lifting, the brand personality should come from within your organization. As a brand cannot speak, this person will be the spokesperson for your brand. The only way to not come off as fake is to be real – not a made up agency person or avatar. We want you to interact in a way that only you know how.

2. Set up brand monitoring. Using a software such as Radian6 Media Two will identify what your current social buzz is, and identify a benchmark plan with ROI objectives in place so that you can see what your actual return on investment will be.

3. Identify Strategy & Opportunities. Depending on where your industry buzz is taking place, whether its blogs, communities, micro-blog’s, news outlets, video, etc – we will identify and define a strategy designed to hit your ROI objectives as previously defined. For example, if we see that you have a strong following in the Twitter community, we will set up a strategy that continues to bolster that.

4. Competitive Analysis. We will keep you updated on what people are saying about your competitors as well. Part of our strategy may even be to go after individuals with our strengths and benefits upon finding dissatisfaction with your competitor’s products or services.

5. Protecting Your Brand Identity. As new trends hit the airwaves, we know that you have other things going on. Media Two will continue to monitor the trade shows, tweet-up’s and what have you to identify where you should be protected. We recommend registering any brand URL’s, Facebook accounts, LinkedIn groups, Twitter names, Instant Messaging names, and Gmail accounts that might be needed in this ever changing interactive environment. This list continues to grow, and you need to stay on top of it.

Every company in the world has an online reputation – whether it’s good or bad is of no relevance. It’s what you learn from yours that makes it an important part of your marketing process. Think of the internet as the modern day Focus Group, only this group isn’t being paid for their thoughts on you in a controlled environment; they’re openly discussing them with their friends and even with strangers in an anything goes format. In my next blog post, I’m going to give you some sample strategies ideas that could be put to use for your own campaign.

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