Blog Neglect or Anticipation Building?

by Michael Hubbard on July 15, 2009

in Media Two

There are plenty of new things going on at Media Two including our very cool new office digs located at 319 W. Martin Street in the warehouse district of Raleigh. The street level sign just went above the door this week as shown in the picture… We had our mid-summer interns get started, we are hosting the SEO/SEM Meetup next week, we’ve had several clients over, 10-15 vendor partners (if you count each of Louise’s trips – we’ve had like 100!) and a whole lot more going on!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their patience as moves are never fun – and just as importantly let you know that our Media Two Point Oh! will be resuming shortly with a whole new look and feel. Yes, we are finally dedicating time to updating our own blog – and we’re actually going to get our content updated on our website so that everyone knows we have full service media capabilities (yes – we even do traditional), a rock star design & development team as well as social media capabilities and a whole lot more.

We’re excited to be in Raleigh – and we welcome everyone to come visit us! If you can’t make it – there are a lot of exciting changes that we’ll be posting online as well – so stay tuned! Thanks from all of us at Media Two!

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