What makes a mobile app successful?

How to build a mobile app strategy that hooks customers and drives sales.

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Media’s Take on IS 2011 / Search, Display and Analytics

As a veteran of dozens of “digital” conferences, it always intrigues me to see how different groups approach what’s happening in the industry today.  So how does IS 2011 stack up?  In my book, it’s okay… sometimes a little too broad or entry-level for the full-time digital marketer.  But then again, it was impossible to [...]

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Search & Mobile Marketing | Internet Summit 2011

Now up – Phil Buckley speaking about where social meets mobile meets search. Off to a good start with a joke that had everyone chuckling. Remember back in the “old days” when AOL was ‘the internet.’ Now 65% of American adults who use the internet say they use social networking sites. 85% of ppl on [...]

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Creating World-Class Social Media Campaigns | Internet Summit 2011

It’s 9:17 am on the first morning of the 2011 Internet Summit in Raleigh, and Christian Sullivan, Community Relations & Engagement Supervisor at Ignite Social Media, is currently giving a presentation on Creating World-Class Social Media Campaigns. She started off with two examples from Mountain Dew and the Groupon-Gap deal.

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Measuring Online Influence (Liveblog)

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Today’s speaker at the Triangle AMA luncheon is Tom Webster, VP of Strategy at Edison Research. His topic is measuring online influence. He starts with the question, who knows their klout score? He goes on to make a point that influence is this: Did I compel a change in state? In order to measure influence you must know: [...]

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Liveblog from Triangle AMA Facebook Camp

Recap from the Triangle AMA Facebook Camp for marketers. Great content including: strategy, contests, advertising, privacy, etc.

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Google+ Wishlist

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After spending some time on the platform, I have two items on my Google+ wishlist for the developers.

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How To Create a Social Media Policy for Higher Education

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This post is a follow-up to our recent post on social media marketing best practices. In this post we’ll use some of our experience from working with clients in higher education to answer some questions specifically about the use of social media in higher ed. Our first recommendation is to set down guidelines and make them [...]

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What are the trends in social media marketing?

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Number 9 in our series of Top Social Media Marketing Questions for 2011 as determined by Social Media Examiner: “What are the trends in social media marketing?” This question comes up a lot. I’ve heard other social media specialists give answers such as: mobile, location-based services, video, etc., but I want to take a different [...]

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Social Media for Non-Profits

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Question number 8 in our series of Top Social Media Marketing Questions for 2011 asks, “How do I use social media in niche markets?” Specifically, marketers wanted to know: How can non-profits cost-effectively use social media to increase their exposure and raise funds for their mission? Non-profits have one particularly powerful leg up from other [...]

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Mastering Social Media Platforms

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Social Media Examiner’s 2011 Social Media Marketing Report states that one of the top questions marketers have for social media in 2011 is “How do I master the use of specific social media platforms?”

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Marketing your B2B with Social Media

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In this post I’ll address the differences between B2B and B2C marketing on social media. The original question that was posed to me is below: I am adding social media to many client’s integrated marketing campaigns, although I’m still not sure it’s a major element in B2B marketing… There are some fundamental differences between B2B [...]

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What are the best ways to sell with social media?

This post is part of a series of posts: The Top 10 Social Media Questions that Marketers want answered. What are the best ways to sell with social media? This question is key. From the brand’s perspective, the number one reason it would make sense to put resources (time & money) toward social media efforts [...]

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