Consuming Content | Internet Summit 2011

ESPN’s presentation from the mobile track of the Internet Summit was a message that I’ve heard them make before. Their rise to the top is in large part due to their philosophy on how users should consume content. The philosophy is basically to focus on creating killer content and not to dictate the rules on [...]

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When you design a user experience for you

Do you remember Microsoft’s Zune? One of the features was that you could share the music on your Zune with people around you. The only problem is that no one around you owns a Zune so the feature was worthless. I bet the idea was cool in the Microsoft offices though and since they thought it was cool then [...]

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Pursuing the How Instead of the Why


Why design schools focusing on tools instead of theory create a huge disadvantage for new graduates.

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The Real Location Mayors

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I’ve given up on checking in via location based apps like Foursquare and Gowalla because I get nothing from them. Am I missing something?

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What is your mobile strategy?

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A recap and opinion piece on the state of mobile browsing today and how you should form a strategy so that users on the go can access your content.

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