Our Take on Twitter Advertising

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So is Twitter Ads beta working? I would definitely say yes. We saw a huge spike in new followers within the first few days of the campaign. Now, a month and a half into the campaign, the client has had a 100.6% increase in followers!

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Search Account has “Hit its Limit”?

Some people will tell you that that can never happen…but anything is possible…and exhausting your keyword universe is definitely possible. People only use certain keywords…and only so many of them…and if you have a high enough budget to test ALL of them, you could find yourself at the end of your rope, not being able [...]

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IAB Marketplace: Ad Network & Xchanges

I just recently got back from the IAB Marketplace: Ad Network & Xchanges conference that took place in NYC on March 31st. A co-worker and I attended the conference open minded but with the hopes that we would come away with a little more insight into the inner working of Ad Networks & Exchanges and [...]

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