A Great Time to Be in the Health Care Business!

by Ellie Johnson on March 24, 2010

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When your industry’s climate is cloudy with a chance of confusion, your company has the enviable opportunity to shine through all of the chaos as a beacon of sanity and resolve for an uneasy consumer base.  This is most easily illustrated by the current state of our nation’s health care conversation (I’m being kind to call it such – it’s more like a fist fight).

Every American is being ensnared in a war of rhetoric and false speak and the truth is incredibly difficult to uncover.  Even the professionals, who get paid millions to decipher what has happened, what got us here, what will happen now, can only come up with there are some really good parts to this new legislation and there are some not so good, even bad parts to this legislation.  When even the professionals have a hard time giving the general consumer some concrete facts for them to guide their opinions – company’s who service these individual consumers can be sure that their audience is lost and likely desperate for solid input.  So give it to them now!

If you are a marketing professional who’s job it is to market a health care solution – NOW is the time for you to step up your brand’s efforts to reach out to this target audience and take the lead with compelling, resourceful messaging and real solutions.   And there is no better way to reach this investigative, confused audience who is searching for real answers and a guided step-by-step instruction manual for their action plan, than the Web.  Create a resource center on your website, Facebook page, etc. with videos from your YouTube channel.  Fill your blog with useful, factual information that points your readers toward the solutions that you offer, tells them what to think, explains to them how this new health care reform bill impacts them and how you are here to help them because X, Y or Z is what you do.  Tweet tips daily and use hashtags frequently to make sure you are categorizing your own content well.  If you’ve been putting off building a newsletter – that was a bad idea; make up for lost time and get your brand’s insights into your customer’s inbox today.

Your audience is flooding the search engines with queries, looking for advice – are your campaigns set up correctly to capitalize on all of this national interest?  Is your brand campaign integrated well and trafficked to to the local resource websites and trade publications that your audience depends upon?  You should be leveraging the trust that your audience places with those publications and inserting your brand there.

This is your time health care marketers!  And if you’re the CMO of a green business or a financial company – don’t hit snooze!  Where there is confusion or just a blossoming conversation – there is opportunity.  It’s your time now, too.  If you want to work with an agency with 12 years of experience constructing and executing integrated strategies – get in touch with me.

If you have examples of companies in health care, green industries or the financial sector, who are using the uncertain climate in this county to their advantage and grabbing market share – leave a comment and inspire us.  Thanks!

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Morgan Siem March 24, 2010 at 12:56 pm

Great thoughts. You’re so right. The #hcr buzz has created a huge opportunity for anyone in the biz to really increase value for their customers by providing comprehensive and comprehensible information on the topic. Further, it has opened up the opportunity to get in front of new eyes as users search for content and thought leaders to provide guidance and clarity.

This reminds me of an earlier post by Seth that shows a case study of a huge boost in CTRs for a client when search was bumped up to take advantage of buzz generated by an industry event. Different industry, same idea: http://www.mediatwopointoh.com/search-pr-pretty-cool-strategy/


Michael Hubbard Michael Hubbard March 24, 2010 at 1:25 pm

Thank you for not making this a political post – but I could see if you were a politician that you’d want to jump on this buzz as well. Insurance providers, weight loss companies, health-guru’s, etc – this is a great time to look at all of the new potential clients that are coming in the door. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this Google Insights graph of the last 30 days: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#q=health%20care&geo=US&date=today%201-m&cmpt=q Huge spike in interest, and I have to imagine that although it will die down some, the overall trend will continue upward.


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