Does anyone remember the Hi-C marketing campaign that rolled out by stating clearly on the juice container “Contains 10% real fruit juice!”?   Like many, my first reaction was wondering if that was a good thing or what was everyone else pumping into their juice?

Flash forward a few decades, and according to a recent Google study as published by Media Post, 56.1% of all banner impressions run via DoubleClick and the Google display ad network are not viewable…  Or, in Hi-C terms: “43.9% of all impressions are viewable!”

Although the general media has jumped at this as another conviction that the banner ad is dead, I look at it as an interesting question of “what was everyone else pumping into the juice?”  How often did my print ad appear on page E17 on a holiday weekend edition and actually get viewed?  I know that my rate base is audited by the likes of ABC and BPA – but that doesn’t mean because it was delivered to a persons home that they actually flipped to that page to view the ad.

TV has had a similar problem in that for me, commercials used to be “sprint to the bathroom time” (well – before I got into the ad industry that is).  Set top boxes couldn’t identify the size of my bladder or my willingness to hold on to see the next GI Joe action figure commercial.  TV’s problem has only evolved further with the launch of the DVR and its grown so much that people have coined phrases such as “time-shifting” to account for lower ratings.  In fact, early studies (here’s one from 2004) suggested that DVR’s were used almost exclusively (87% of the time) with a commercial skipping strategy in-mind.

So the reality is, we just aren’t sure if having 43.9% of the banner ads viewable is a bad thing, or a good thing – but we now have a benchmark for the future.   Rather than dwell on whether it’s a good number or bad number, the opportunity with banner ads has never been stronger…   Stay tuned for a follow up article on how your non-viewed banner ads are strengthening your media buy!



Programmatic Media Buyer Career Opp

A couple years ago Media Two took a leap into the programmatic media buying space by building out our own internal trading desk.  We are looking to add to our Programmatic Media Buying team with an analytical mind that is numbers driven, yet can work well in a small team environment.  Yes, we still work [...]

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Digital Media Agency Career: Ad Opps

Media Two Interactive is in search of the perfect media agency candidate, one who understands the importance of Ad Server Management, and one who wants to be proactive in determining client strategies through analytical thinking.  Some of the best media buyers have started in Ad Operations for us, and we’re looking for someone who is [...]

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Definitions in the RTB and Programmatic Advertising World

In the world where only the acronym’s advance faster than the technology, we often have to take a step back and make sure we’re not interchanging our terms.  Much like people seem to interchange the terms Search, SEO, SEM and PPC – and yet never fully understand what they’re asking for, we’d like to lay [...]

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Big Data or Big Marketing Opps?

So today I had the opportunity of sitting on a panel of “big data” experts at the Triangle Interactive Marketing Association (TIMA). I have to admit, I was not excited to speak about data, no matter how “big” the industry has labeled it.  My opinion of the excitement over big data is that it is [...]

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Digital Media Strategy | Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying is defined as the automated process for which one can purchase display media advertisements via an online bidding process.  Typically, remnant inventory is placed on an exchange, in which technology such as Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s) or Trading Desks will Real Time Bid (RTB) on the data and available inventory.  Pretty simple [...]

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Career Opp: Account Strategy Manager

Media Two Interactive is looking for someone with 2 or more years Digital Media experience (preferably with an Ad Agency) to lead a media strategy team and manage one of our top tier client accounts.  The perfect candidate for the job will have experience with digital media buying & planning, search engine marketing experience, A [...]

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Google Testing New Results Layouts

Here’s another example of Google playing around with it’s SERPs.  In this particular example, I did a search on South Carolina Colleges, and you’ll see across the top – it is now showing me pictures from the most popular searched on schools in South Carolina.  When you click on one of the images, it acts [...]

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Facebook Timelines – Ready or Not!

In case you happened to be traveling for the last week and missed the news, Facebook, on Wednesday, rolled out their plans for business pages to shift over to their new Timeline format…  They initially announced this at their September, 2011 F8 conference with the intent that user accounts would change over first, followed by [...]

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Super Bowl 2012 Advertising

Yes, there are plenty of critics in the world, so I won’t pretend to be perfect – but here’s some of my high-level wondering’s on this years Super Bowl, and more importantly, the commercials that aired throughout. Hands down, my favorite spot was the Chrysler “It’s Halftime in America” with Clint Eastwood.  It was pointed [...]

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Triangle AMA’s December Luncheon: Building a Thriving Online Community

Megan, Carson, & I attended the Triangle AMA’s December Luncheon last week! David B Thomas from radian6 spoke about social media monitoring. He began with stating that social media is HUGE and it’s not going away. For those not as familiar with how huge social media really is, David quoted that there are 800 million [...]

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Personal Branding | The Raleigh Forum

Today I attended a personal branding discussion at The Raleigh Forum lead by our very own VP of Social Media, Morgan Siem.  She quickly engaged the room with some starter questions, including what we were looking for with branding, personal or professional.  The consensus from our group was a little bit of both.  It seemed [...]

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TV is for Creative and Branding, Web is for cheap DR…

That disturbance you just felt in the force is compliments of @JackMarshall baiting me… As I sat watching my kids ice skating lessons, my twitter feed started to light up. What began as a friendly question of “why would someone save a TV ad to Youtube, but nobody is interested in the AdKeeper technology” quickly spun off into a tangent on whether the Web could be viewed as a Branding vehicle or not.

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